What is it that humans need when they decide about their residence?

When God Almighty had sent first humans to the earth in the shape of Hazrat Adam and Aman Hawa, the simply on earth. Dense forests full of sweet fruits healthy and medical trees and plants, lofty mountains with stone caves, clear springs, animals and birds, for hunting places, to safeguard against the weather. In the same way open fields with rivers running through them and crops. This all has needed. For the existence and future of mankind, a number of things were in the open but a great number were hidden under the seas and underground. The human beings started discovering these things with the passage of time and started seeing this for his peace of mind and security. The man discovered these things according to his needs and priorities. The first thing Hazrat Adam did on reaching the earth was covering his naked body. He did this by serving big leaves of the plants. Then for eating, he looked for the fruits and when night fell he looked for a place to hide which was there in the form of caves.
And when the population started growing, the man along with other needs started looking for a better residence. This search is continuing to this day. First, the made the mud vase, and when he came to open fields he started making mud houses.
When tribes were divided and there started fights for obtaining food the need arose to make these mind houses more strong and secure. The time went on. Human Needs and his severe of insecurity increased. Tribes turned into countries. For security purpose, the Great Wall and huge forts were being built. But people living in these and walls also showed interest in buildings cities for peaceful residence and security. However, in making new cities the man also started destroying great gifts from God like forests, mountains, and rivers going more away from the nature. This affected his health and food issues. Man moved from Stone Age to metal age, there came the age of machines. And now the human, on the basis, of qualities given by God, has discovered nature’s secrets from the depth of the seas to the wideness of space. He has now huge machines that fly in the air and swim in the seas. Communication systems have been developed to an extent that one can g et an every minutes details from thousands of miles away. But even today the real progress is measured in terms of its cities standard of living there healthy atmosphere and way of human development. It means that good cities and residencies are the guaranty of human existence and progress. At different places and in different countries the needs and facilities of residence can be different but according to one’s own regions atmosphere a secure residence with basic facilities is the priority of every family.
What kind of a place is needed by human for residence keeps on changing with time and atmosphere. There was time where only a cave or a trench was considered enough where human could be safe from the attack of wild animals and effects of weather. Then due to human intelligence the security became a priority, and a place where water and food was within reach. But today even those things have become a necessity which was considered a luxury yesterday.
Today for a good residence it is a need rather than divine that it should be in a city or near a city where reach is easy the house and neighborhood is safe market is close by educational institution is at hand and health facilities and hospital is at a safe distance. There should be wide streets and roads. Open spaces and parks are at such a distance that one should be places where family members could get together for recreational activities. And most of the entire atmosphere should be clean and healthy. Today any citizen keeps these features in mind for residence. Requirements in the house are supply of gas and electricity in a safe way and constant supply of clean and underground sewerage systems. These things for clean and healthy atmosphere are the basic needs whether are in living in a 5 marla house or in a 10 Kanal house.
Whether you are living in a small house or a big one and what kind of facilities are available in the house depends on one’s financial position but a healthy atmosphere and basic civic amenities are available. God has made the division of money according to his own will. Some has very little and someone has it all. But nature’s kindness like winter, summer, rain, sunlight is equal for everyone. In the same way civic amenities and healthy atmosphere is the right of every citizen. Good cities and housing schemes are those that take care of this aspect. In Gulberg housing scheme special attention has been given to this aspect that though houses may be big or small but style of living should be same and for every resident of Gulberg basic civic amenities and facilities should be same. That is why today in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Gulberg has achieved the most favored status for residence as well as trade and the Gulberg’s administration the IBECHS is working hard that at no stage the supply of amenities and facilities should be broken.

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