This Weather and Gulberg Islamabad

Monsoon is the period of a year that has been a part of the writings of all the writers and the poets. The pouring rain, the fresh weather, beautiful flowers, the green view, everything about monsoon makes it more romantic, more fascinating and more attractive. This beauty is what fascinates the poets, and then you get to listen to thousands of heart touching songs.

In Pakistan, whenever you get to see some rain, it can bring you the joy or a mess, both at the same time. If you are living in the mountainous regions, and you are lucky to have a proper cemented roads and streets, a rain would be a blessing to you, but if you are from plains, the rain can be a huge trouble unless you have a proper sewerage and drainage system.  So, monsoon in Pakistan actually tests your luck.

Rain in Islamabad is usually very much different from all the other urban parts of the country. It is green, it is beautiful, it is serene and it usually doesn’t have the water drainage problem either. But as the population of Islamabad city has been increasing lately, as more and more people are coming to Islamabad and getting settled here, Islamabad is gradually going to face these issues and in few years, it is probably going to be one of those cities where people wish not to see the rain.

Well, there are still some places within the capital that ensure you the enjoyment of your favorite weather. Should I name the one on the top of the list? You guess it right, its Gulberg Islamabad. A rainy day in Gulberg Islamabad is worth living for. Imagine yourself living in a beautiful farmhouse that 80% of its area green. Then you pull the window blinds up and you see a lush green scenery outside, clean roads, beautiful plants, green beds on the roadsides, eye soothing grass lanes. And then you want to have a hot soup or a good coffee. You pick your car keys, start your car, roam on the wide beautiful wet roads, and reach a commercial area, where you find all your favorite eateries. You pick one, grab your coffee, take a U-turn, drive slowly and you see a beautiful lake. You stop your car there for a while to see the raindrops filling up the lake. You fall in love with those tiny drops. You stay there for a while and then you start your car again. The drizzle fascinates you to the point that now you want to take a walk and feel the coolness of those tiny raindrops.  You stop your car by a park. You take a walk. The pathway is smooth, clean and beautiful. You keep walking for a while. And now is the time to go back home. The moment you reach home, without any hustle, on a signal free road, you feel proud of yourself for taking a life-changing decision. The decision of buying your land in Gulberg Islamabad and living here.

So, have you started to think about buying your plot in Gulberg Islamabad by now? Even if you are not a poet, Gulberg Islamabad will make you one!

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