The Great Green Cause

Islamabad the Beautiful was the heading of a signboard installed at the Islamabad Airport Chowk few years back. It carried some beautiful pictures of a blossoming green city. Charming images of an awesome capital city welcomed you for years.

Then, the structures of cement took over the capital city, and especially the Islamabad Airport Chowk. The billboard was removed and so were the greenery and beauty from the entire city, and that too, quite thoroughly. Greenery was the first casualty of an era of development only because remedial measures were not taken in proportionate to the size of the development.

Resultantly, a region that received snowfall in routine till 1910s became so harsh in weather that mercury forgot to drop from 40s in summers there.
There were some players who had been part of the development process. They could have contributed towards a greener Islamabad somehow had they considered it a priority area for them. Yes, your guess is right, the residential projects that mushroomed in the capital over the following years.

Quiet contrary to this painful fact, there was an entity that has sown a greener revolution withing its huge jurisdiction. It is none other than Gulberg Islamabad. I haven’t heard of any residential facility that could spare almost 80% of its area and dedicate it for greenery. Not only this, Gulberg Islamabad is maintaining this equation religiously.

More developments have to follow this great green cause.

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