Must Have Amenities at a Housing Society

Long ago, Aristotle expressed that ‘Man is essentially a social animal by nature’.

He cannot live without society, if he does so; he is either beast or Angel. Man realizes his goals, his existence in the society:
he finds various ingredients in society through which he can attain the perfectness of life. The day, he is born to the day he leaves this planet he is in society.

That is exactly why everyone deserves to live at a place that helps them grow into a person they wish to be. Gulberg Islamabad provides the ultimate in destination living in Pakistan by raising the bar for luxurious, high-end residential complexes.

Here are must-have amenities:

  •  Power backup: Whether you are buying an apartment, make sure that the housing society provides power backup facility. Power outrages are a common scenario in India therefore, it is better to make sure that the building is equipped with power backup setup.
  •  Car Parking: Parking is a major issue these days in most of the projects due to less available area. So, check carefully if you have got enough extra space for parking your two to three vehicles.
  • Sports and Recreation:  Life is dull without play. Going for a quick game of table tennis after work can do wonders to rejuvenate your soul. A sports arena court to include indoor games like carom, pool or squash is an added advantage. Outdoor recreational provisions include cricket pitch, basketball, badminton, and football courts. An amphitheatre or a hobby room is ideal for a few hours of pure joy. Such recreational amenities could help you discover the finer side of life.
  • Private Gyms and Spas: Fully equipped gyms, dedicated yoga rooms and spa rooms are cropping up in society all over. Like all homebuyers, shoppers are looking for homes with amenities and features to meet their needs and suit their lifestyle.
  • Security system: Nowadays, the builders provide a higher level of security like CCTV camera installed everywhere, fire fighting equipment, video door phone and intercom facilities. Make sure your housing facility provides 24/7 securities with guards stationed at all times at the entrance doors.
  • Eco-Friendly: More and more builders are now encouraging the use of an eco-friendly system in their projects like solar panels, rain water harvesting. This not only saves energy but makes use of natural sources to fulfill the requirements.
  • On-Site Maintenance: A busted pipe, an overflowing leakage can cause serious damage to your apartment. Having an on-site emergency maintenance staff can lessen the damage and get your life back to normal quickly.
  • Kids: Families with children must be on the hunt for amenities like play areas, sandpit area, kids’ swimming pool, etc. in the building. Buyers must concentrate on the locality, to ensure that there are enough daycare centers, schools, institutes and hospitals in the area.
  • Green landscapes: In this hectic life, there are moments when you need your piece of mind. When you are cutting through the city’s traffic and noisy environment, you would want to escape into quieter spaces when you get back home.

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