Monsoon weather; a blessing and a curse

The coming of a monsoon season signals towards relief from scorching summer heat. Dark skies are the common sight during the monsoons which signify the much awaited rainfall.

But in Pakistan out of the two options of being a blessing or a curse it becomes the latter which is mostly witnessed. The Met department has a weeklong of heavy rainfall in many parts on the country.

While this will be a cause of a slight drop in the temperature but it is also feared to bring flash floods and landslide looms, along with heavy wind and dust storms.

Previously, the federal flood commission had warned about extreme monsoon season throughout the country.

The Met department has alerted the authorities to be prepared for the worst as a few parts of the country receive its first session of monsoon.

Meanwhile the disaster management society has issued warning for people to not visit the northern areas to avoid any sort of dangers.

As they are the high risk areas. The damage caused by flooding is simply the result of poor and ineffective water management. Meanwhile the Punjab chief minister Usman Buzdar has directed the concerned departments to ensure preventive measures to take measure for the flood.

Pakistan is no stranger to floods. Sindh has witnessed several horrific floods in Sindh in the past decade.

Pakistan’s largest agricultural economy and rural workforce is threatened each year by these floods.

Even in Karachi a very moderate level of rainfall has caused irrevocable destruction. Deaths were reported from electrocution or homes and places of work collapsing upon the unfortunate bystanders.

One can only hope lessons from the past have been learnt, and that the local administrations in the flood-prone areas, along with the federal government, are prepared for any worst-case scenario.

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