Karakoram Greens in Gulberg Islamabad

The undertaking to be situated inside the Gulberg Greens Housing Society off the Islamabad Highway. (The Islamabad thruway itself is in progress transformation into a six path flag free passage from Islamabad to the Grand Trunk (GT) street that will yield in noteworthy land advancement convergence inside the nearby region and include comfort as far as street system and travel times).

Karakoram Greens Islamabad: A sumptuous task being wanted to convey roomy, autonomous and free of blockage private living space for families wishing to live and work in the Capital and additionally the Rawalpindi metropolitan territory.

The venture site at a normally hoisted zone neglecting the Korang River tributaries typified into a characteristic lake front alongside setting inaccessible perspective of the Islamabad and Rawalpindi cityscape.

A committed private living undertaking – to traverse over approx. 25acres, with 25% built and 75% open/green territories to comprise of autonomous squares of 2, 3 and 4 room units .

The venture will give critical Capital Gain and Rental Income yield due to non-nearness of comparative nature of activities in the meantime families who want to settle in a tranquil, peaceful and secure neighborhood will have the capacity to appreciate finish protection zenith in the format outline.

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