How is it to live in a Cooperative Housing Society for families?

A cooperative housing society is a set-up formed through mutual cooperation and consent of a number of members. A co-operative housing society (also called housing cooperative society) is a chain of many residential buildings and apartments. Builders, house owners, and the government join hands to build a cooperative housing society. Thus, it put less stress over the house/apartment owner as he or she does not have to maintain the property solely. Also, low expenses to maintain the property and sense of sharing and living together gives advantage for house owners in a co-operative housing society over independent house owners living in houses built by them. It is owned by the members of the society, who control the entire financial framework of the society. These societies are affordable than any other independent ownership. Investing in it is a secure real estate investment. A member of the society can live in it for as long as he wishes to. Even if you don’t reside in it, you can generate regular income by leasing or renting it out. In a cooperative housing society, members usually have very limited direct maintenance responsibilities. Cooperative association is responsible for major repairs, modifications, insurance, and replacements in the housing society. All the members of the housing society pay the maintenance charges for the services availed of in society. A cooperative housing society gives its members ample opportunity to pursue their hobbies and skills. Residents get access to a number of facilities such as clubs, community centers community festivals, spacious parks, sports complexes various membership security and access to all the basic amenities etc.
Similarly, when deciding where you want to raise your children, there are many factors to consider. Raising your child in a compound has many advantages such compounds offer an edge of safety, clean air and an environment free of pollution among many other benefits.
Also living in a gated community is safer than living in the city. Gated communities have their own security personnel that control who goes into the compound as well as who leaves. They also protect your house from intruders. This adds a sense of security that even if you leave your children at home alone, there are professional security personnel that is constantly on the watch. Another advantage is that the streets in a compound generally have fewer cars and proper sidewalks, so your children can enjoy bike rides. The streets are also better designed with speed bumps so you don’t have to worry about speeding cars. Living in such close compound like societies means you will generally have more space. You will probably be able to afford a larger house and garden. Plus, as Gulberg Islamabad, some communities have plenty of green areas where children can play socialize and collectively learn from their own peers. Other advantages to living in a society are that there is generally less pollution. These communities are located in the suburbs which are far away from the pollution of the city. Also, means that you have to endure heavy traffic and noisy streets, but by moving to a compound you decrease these nuisances. Having a support network on your doorstep to give advice, provide a helping hand or be a shoulder to cry on is a lifeline for many especially for stay-at-home mothers with young children.

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