Gulberg Islamabad celebrated 71st Independence Day with all zeal and zest

2018 has been marked as Pakistan’s 71st anniversary and the twin cities made it a memorable one.

Independence Day of Pakistan has been celebrated all over Pakistan with a great passion and enthusiasm. Citizens of Pakistan has shown their love for Pakistan in their different ways.  Islamabad is said to be one of the most quite cities of Pakistan, but Islamabadians have proved it wrong.

The citizens of the twin cities have celebrated this Independence Day in a splendid way. The entire city was sparkling with the bright and happy faces. People from the other areas of the country have come to Islamabad to see the lightings and the celebrations. Many family galas and concerts were organized in different parts of the city.

The day wasn’t just celebrated by the elders, kids in all the streets were seen wearing Independence Day-themed dressed, having their faces painted and roaming around with the flags in their hands. The entire day gave a glimpse of an ‘Eid day.

Like the entire city, Independence Day was celebrated by Gulberg Islamabad in a unique way. Billboards and streamers of the Independence Day were pasted in the entire society. Buildings, like Samama, were decorated with the flags.

Even after having a day off, Team Gulberg arrived at their workplace for a cake cutting ceremony, and to wish and Independence Day to the people.

“The team came to the office even after it was announced as an official day off because they all believe that our founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted us to work the hardest. Yes, we are still celebrating the Independence Day here, we had a cake cutting ceremony, everyone wore the Independence Day Themed clothes, and everyone is happy. But we didn’t stop working on what our jobs are, because that’s what our Quaid wanted us to do”, said Mr. Zain from team Gulberg.

This August, overall, hold a great importance for the people as the Independence Day and Eid Ul Adha, both big events are to be celebrated this month.

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