Gulberg Icon - Gulberg Islamabad

Gulberg icon

Business Park, Gulberg Greens,
Islamabad, Pakistan

Gulberg Icon

OvaisCo Builders have launched several projects in different sectors
of Islamabad. They have initiated the most commercial projects in
Gulberg Greens after PWD Housing Scheme and National Police
Foundation 0- 9. This is a proof of the fact that people trust the projects
by OvaisCo Builders and show immense interest in them and prefer to
invest money with them. For this very reason, OvaisCo Builders have
launched their latest commercial project “Gulberg Icon” after the success
of “Gulberg Trade Center” and “Gulberg Business Center” in
Gulberg Greens.

This is beyond any doubt that real estate business is flourishing in Pakistan
at a very fast pace. It generates huge sum of revenue for the economy as
well as job opportunities for the general public. The ever increasing demand
of property and growing interest of public in the real estate sector has made
it an important industry in the mainstream economy of Pakistan.
That is why OvaisCo Builders have provided another good opportunity in
the form of Gulberg Icon for its customers and clients to live or do
business here. Based on the surroundings of this project, it is going to
prove a very fruitful investment in the future.

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Ideal Location in Islamabad

100-200% increase in value within a year


Expanding Horizontally, Growing Vertically, catering to the commercial needs


Corporations never sleep, and so does the cities where these institutions dock.


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