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What is Green Saviour ?

Gulberg Islamabad took a step forward and come up with a campaign, “Green Saviour”, a souvenir to the Mother earth. The campaign is about keeping this world clean and green. The administration of Gulberg Islamabad understands the severity of the current environmental changes that our country is going through and believes that one of the major reason behind all these environmental changes is deforestation. So, Gulberg Islamabad is lending a hand foe making this earth a beautiful, clean, calm and green place to live on.

Let’s Plant Trees


People from all over the country are invited to come to Gulberg Islamabad, Get a plant from Gulberg’s dedicated nurseries and plant it in Gulberg Islamabad. Providing a tree to the visitors and taking care of that plant for the rest of its life span is Gulberg’s responsibility, all what you need to do plant that tree by your own hands. The reason behind the campaign and behind getting people involved in the campaign (when Gulberg already has a n agricultural staff of around 500 members) is to raise awareness in the general public about plantation and to make people understand the importance of keeping the country green.

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