“Green Saviour” Is Getting Greener!

Gulberg Islamabad’s “Green Saviour” campaign has been paced up as it has successfully attracted a lot of people from the twin cities. Ever since the campaign has been launched, many families, students, group of young people, businessmen, and people from different political parties have joined Gulberg Islamabad in this noble cause.

On 18th July, a group of politicians and journalists, including Amina Malik (Editor-in-chief Melange Magazine), Chaudhry Zia (Convener ISCF Islamabad), Tazeen Akhter (senior journalist), Afshan Malik (PTV) and many others have lent their hands in the plantation campaign.

“It’s a good initiative by Gulberg Islamabad to put their great concern towards plantation especially when all the other societies are busy in cutting trees to build up their societies. While, at the same time, Gulberg Islamabad is growing more and more trees, that is going to help our future generations breath fresh and clean air”, said the senior journalist, Afshan Malik.

Gulberg Islamabad is getting a very positive response and a great cooperation by the citizens of the twin cities in their plantation campaign. The Campaign will keep going till the end of this monsoon season. And the society is expected to grow thousands of trees.  

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