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Business Square: A Home Place for Your Business!

There are certain factors that an investor sees in a plan when he/she wants to invest in a project. Amenities like schools, colleges, universities, roads and infrastructure, commercial and corporate areas of that project, the basic life facilities like health, education, gas, electricity, road network, access to the main city, environment etc. are the major points that appeal to an investor the most, as these are the things that are going to increase the chances of an investor to generate more profit. In the twin cities, the housing societies that have been developed on the signal free Islamabad Express Highway, or near New Islamabad International Airport are the main focus of investors these days. The housing society that goes number 1 on the list is Gulberg Islamabad. Gulberg Islamabad has attracted a huge number of investors and the residents in last two years. Business Square is part of Gulberg Islamabad’s expansive real estate portfolio. Business Square offers its diverse mix of residents and visitors an opportunity to experience the harmony of downtown metropolitan living. This innovative, appealing, and vibrant destination builds customer loyalty through its mélange of integrated value-for-money retail and dining options, community services, leisure and entertainment experiences.