All You Need To Know About Gulberg Islamabad

Gulberg Islamabad is centrally located to the twin cities on the Islamabad Expressway 10 km from the Zero Point, T chowk, and Rawat, whereas it is 8km from District Courts Rawalpindi. It has its way through a signal free, self-built, and a wide underpass. This project has two categories Gulberg Greens and Gulberg Residencia. Gulberg Greens is the area allocated for the farmhouses/luxury Villas where the plot sizes are ranging from 4,5, and 10 Kanal plots. This part of Gulberg is divided into six blocks. The Executive block, Block A, B, C, D and E. Gulberg Residencia is an area allocated for the smaller residential units. The plot sizes here range from 7,10, and 14 Marlas and 1 and 2 Kanals. It has 21 blocks from A-V where ‘D’ of these blocks is dedicated for a commercial markaz. The other 20 residential blocks whereas have their own mini-markets with mosques and schools. Gulberg Commercial Gulberg Residencia has a ‘D’ Markaz as its commercial hub. Similarly Civic Center is a commercial hub present in the Greens with two other major commercial points known as the Business Square and Bussiness Park. However, the main commercial road running through Gulberg Expressway is common to both the Greens and Residencia, called the Blue Area.

Commercial Sizes

D Commercial has 50×50,80×80 and 90×96.
Civic Center has 40×40 and 40×60.
Business Park and Business Square have 40×40, 40×50 and 50×50.
Blue Area has 8 Kanal plots on either side.
Gulberg Islamabad Price Range

Gulberg Greens

The price bracket for 4 Kanal Plot is 28- 47 million
The price bracket for 5 Kanal Plot is 33- 60 million
The price bracket for 10 Kanal Plot is 65 -110 million

Gulberg Residencia

The price bracket for 5 marla plot is 16 -18 lac
The price bracket for 7 marla plot is 26- 65 lac
The price bracket for 10 marla plot 40- 90 lac

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