All You Need To Know About Gulberg Islamabad

Do you want to upgrade your lifestyle? Are you looking to live a luxuries life? If yes, you just need to contact with Gulberg Islamabad. The place is a complete package of commercial site, farmhouse, greenery and for infrastructure and recreational. Actually, Gulberg Islamabad was come existence between the year of 2005 to 2009 by IBECHS. It refers that the project was launched in 2005 but NOC from CDA approved this project in 2009. The actual development on Gulberg Islamabad project was begun in 2009.


Intelligence Bureau Cooperative Housing Scheme (IBECHS) is a welfare organization specializes in fulfilling the shelter needs of IB employee even it is necessary for the IBECHS management committee members to serve IB employees only. Its head office is located in Blue Area Islamabad

How The Gulberg Islamabad Project Begin

In the history of IBECHS, it has developed many projects including Phase 1 & later Phase 2. That is located near PWD and well known as Pakistan Town. After completing other projects successfully, the IBECHS was announced as the mega project in 2005 that is Gulberg Islamabad.  Gulberg Islamabad master plan is consists of two distinct projects, one is Gulberg Greens and Gulberg Residencia consisting up to 1000 yards residential plots.

  • Gulberg Greens: This is an Agro Farm Housing Scheme situated at Mouza Koral in Zone-IV. The Gulberg Greens is all about living near the luxury of nature. It has planned greens, wooded parks and innovative town planned. All this you visit within a walk-in distance, however, the area is spread in thousands of Kanals. To make it easy to find your way, it has total 6 blocks divided by giving an alphabetical name that is A, B, C, D and E.  In these blocks the A, B and C has been almost completed but Block D and E are under development. The under-construction project is going on where more than hundreds of labor and machinery stay active. You can estimate how big this project could be.
  • Gulberg Residencia: The project is spread over 15000 kanals that have 10,000 residential plots. This place is spread in 6 to 7 km and located on Islamabad highway. There are 220 ft wide Gulberg Expressway that connects the Gulberg Residencia and Gulberg Greens via a bridge. Presently, this is under construction. The project has 21 blocks alphabetically from A to V excluding U in which the D is known as the commercial block.
  • Gulberg Greens Farm Houses: These are divided into three parts and given a respective name. These are, Jasmine Enclave spread in 4 kanals, Rose Enclave spread in 5 kanals and Tulip Enclave in 10 Kanals.

Gulberg Islamabad Location

Gulberg Islamabad is situated on main Islamabad Expressway at the Intersection of Islamabad Zone iV & V. It is easily accessible to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The project is spread in more than thousands of kanals of the lush greenery of Islamabad.

Gulberg Islamabad Key attractions

The project is surrounded by various visiting places. It has Benazir International Airport at the distance of 3 km. Do you like clubbing? If yes, just need to go only about 11 km of distance away. It has farmhouses located around the entry points from the Islamabad highways. Here, the residential plots are spread over approximately 7 Km. Next, it has the Gulberg Greens that is connected to the Gulberg Residencia via a bridge that is currently under processing project.

This is all about Gulberg Islamabad that is facilitated with civic amenities, security, city infrastructure, circulation network, landscaping, public amenities, recreational, commercial, healthcare, institutional and many other facilities.

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